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We would love know what you think of our 100% Kona coffee.

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Thanks for your continued support!


Michael McGrath
Schaumburg, IL

I wanted to follow up with a response regarding your latest shipment of Kona beans. First let me say that your customer service and attentiveness was exceptional. We truly appreciated everything you did, and look forward to buying all of our Kona beans through you in the future. The beans you sent were magnificent, and brewed some of the best coffee we have had in quite some time. All of our guests at our holiday gathering were amazed at the rich, smooth flavors your beans generated. It really is a pleasure to deal with a company that value their customers and understands how to treat them. I cannot thank you enough for everything you did and look forward to many more purchases of your fantastic Langenstein Farms Estate 100% Kona Coffee beans!

My sincerest Mahalo to you and your company!   

  Bruce Cox
Crystal River, FL

I have to tell you as I drink, this is the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I made a pot of Langenstein Farms 100% Kona Peaberry as soon as it got here.

Donald B. Newell




I was a little stressed out today, I awoke to discover I was completely out of Kona…I knew I had a shipment in route, but I had to feed a friend's cat this morning, and I was afraid I'd miss my delivery:-(, but the good Lord was shining on me today as I wasn't nabbed by the Highway Patrol for exceeding all land speed records & FedEx's Denny Hamlin got lost and was thankfully about an hour later than normal…I know I'm such a nut,  but as soon as I grabbed that box out of Denny's clutches, I gave it a big squeeze just to give my nostrils a symphony as I headed back up in the elevator :-). 


Anyway…tastes can vary wildly amongst individuals: it is always reassuring to know that YOUR Kona is one of the truly Great Constants in this globalized World.


Mahalo Nui Loa!


Stacey Mowchan
Newington, CT




Aloha from Connecticut.


I just wanted to extend a thank you to you for meeting with us and giving us the total Kona Coffee experience during out tour of the farm. Drinking Kona coffee in Kona was an ambition of mine before I came to Hawaii, now it is my ambition to be able to do it  everyday...


Thank you again for your hospitality that afternoon.


Candy Birt
Las Vegas, Nevada


Just placed an order on the website....but wanted to say hello to you too. 


I ordered an extra bag for a friend of mine.  She joined me for a quick visit over a terrific cup of coffee.  She said she's had other Kona coffee (not the mixed stuff from the grocery store, but the real Kona Coffee ) and she said ours was the best she's ever tasted.  I have to agree....the last batch of Vienna Roast 100% Kona Coffee you sent us was awesome.

Hope you and your son are doing well.  Take care!

Katy and Tom Spence

Medina, Washington


Hi -

Your letter about renewal came to us today: when our annual order is up, YES, please renew!


Hi --

We received the 1st shipment safe and sound.  Scott has been hoarding the coffee so I haven't had a chance to sample the Peaberry.  I'll pass along my comments when I pry it out of his hands.  (There’s a testimony for you!)


I've ordered several batches of coffee from you, some to keep, and some to give out as presents.  I discovered Kona coffee on my honeymoon this year and love its total lack of bitterness. Not a angry bean in the bunch..   






Hola from the Great Republic of Texico:-)


I just got back into town early this AM and had my FedEx package waiting for me. What a wonderful coffee you produce! I've been traveling and have had to drink whatever coffee I could find while on the road, but none compares even remotely to your Langenstein Farms Estate medium roast. NOTHING!


It is the only coffee I drink black, without cream, flavors or sweeteners. It's so cool to get a call to see if I was the same Don Newell from Edina, MN:-)


Just want to say thank you for truly the finest cup of coffee this side of Heaven!







Thanks. Hope you had a good holiday. And thank you for the absolute best coffee. You realize I have been ordering the same thing for a few years now. Not sure what I would do if you ever went away. Please do not go away. You are one addiction I can deal with. Thank you.

Pat & Scott Seashore
Dearborn, MI
"Being Midwesterners subjected to long dreary cold winters, there are very few things that make us look forward to waking up. Kona is one. The smell of freshly brewing Kona transports us back to December 1991 when we met John Langenstein on the big island and we are spirited to the warm pacific sun and winds and sand. Thank you! Your coffee continues to deliver the wonderful body, texture and aroma that we first  experienced many years ago! In our many travels around the world and country, we have never tasted coffee that is any finer."







When I flew into Pittsburg the weather was okay but in Erie my sister couldn't make it to the airport in the snow, so I had to stay overnight in Pittsburg.  The neat thing is that I thought my sister would get the package and instantly know what it contained. Well either the day I flew in, when she tried to pick me up, or the day she did pick me up,the package arrived, covered in plastic.  My mom knew that I was having packages sent directly to my sister's house so she put the box in the room I was using. 


I was really excited because now my sister wouldn't know until Christmas day that she was getting Kona coffee.  I opened the box because I was going to put it in a basket but when I saw the box and how wonderfully it was decorated I decided to keep everythingin the box for her to open. 


Since the white box was in such good condition, I just put decorative ribbon on it, so when she opened it she had no clue what was in it.  She was thrilled, so was her hubby. It was the first time that I had ever tasted chocolate covered coffee beans; they were good.  I was able to try the peaberry and one other roast, I'm not sure what it was. We all enjoyed the delicious coffee.


Thanks for making a special Christmas memory!

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