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100% Kona Coffee is renowned worldwide as an Arabica bean; “Kona Typica” which is rich flavor, with exceptional aroma, yet smooth tasting with a balanced body.

Langenstein Farms LLC roasts three distinctly different roasts to please a wide spectrum of tastes.

Medium Roast

Langenstein Farms Medium Roast is mildest in flavor, yet highest in caffeine. A full brown color with a slight sheen to the bean.

Vienna Roast

Langenstein Farms Vienna Roast is full-bodied, with a fair amount of caffeine. The bean color is dark brown and spots of oil on the bean are visible.

French Roast

Langenstein Farms French Roast is very rich in flavor, but quite close to being decaffeinated--without decaffeination process --the caffeine dissipates during the roast period. French Roast beans are oily and dark; popularly used for espresso, cappuccino etc. 

Langenstein Farms LLC pampers the crop from Flower to Roast, so will have the ultimate 100% Kona Coffee experience. Roasted by Langenstein Farms personal Roast Master, Your feedback or suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for supporting Langenstein Farms LLC, “100% Kona Coffee”, the American gourmet coffee industry.

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